The Path of the Goddess – The Return of Feminine and Feministic Spirituality

“True religion is the practice of spiritual truths that honour the earth and all that lives on it whilst reaching for the stars…” (Suzanne Corbie)

Spirituality and spiritual exercise for me means a more fulfilling and successful life, which leads to personal development and psychological well being.
The individual experience in meditation, dreams and rituals is a rewarding and satisfying life path. But some people still feel a need felt to be guided.
I see the return of the Goddess as a new feminine spiritual path, which is in harmony with nature and all beings, with the longing to protect life. This path can improve all the vital parts of our life, so we can experience more joy and satisfaction on all levels! Women, who walk this path will feel immensly empowered by all the different archetypes, who will meet along this journey.
All the knowledge and wisdom is already in us. It is also in nature, in mythology, in stories and fairytales, in dreams and in the wisdom of the old ways, for example, in new paganism and shamanism. The secret to a more balanced life experience is just waiting to be discovered!
An own spiritual path requires a bit of courage and practice, and for that we sometimes need guidance and community. Then it becomes a natural part of who we are.
Real spirituality is deeply political and feministic, because it demands the same rights, opportunities and space for everyone, because it wants to guide us without manipulating us.

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