Regressionsanalysis – One to One Single Settings

Regression therapy, also called past-life therapy or past-life regression therapy, focuses on discovering the original causes of a client’s problems and accepts the theory that present life issues or problems may have their origin in past lives, real or symbolic, and with the willingness to explore this possibility. Regression therapy is client-centred and deals with the discovery of the individual origins of a problem caused in the present life, during birth and the prenatal phase, and in past lives with the aim of solving these problems in our lives today.
In a first meeting we talk about the main issues in a client´s life and whether reincarnation therapy is the right approach. The next step is an exact problem analysis, after which a life task is formulated. In the following sessions these issues are regressed one after another. This includes present traumas, traumas during birth and the prenatal phase and then all relevant previous lives. It is not necessary for the client to be under hypnosis – it is enough just to be in a relaxed state of mind. The regression analyst works with voice and tone of voice to relax the client and guide him/her through the images. Emotions, images, thoughts and body sensations should all be expressed.
Issues are experienced in the role of both victim and perpetrator, so the client understands his/her own responsibility in a problem complex. By taking back responsibility and acceptance of the consequences, blocked energy can be released and is then available for the real aims and purposes in the present life of a client.

After every session the events of the regressed life or trauma are talked through and analysed again. Problems and patterns that are often repeated should be experienced in order to be replaced by more healthy behaviour.
Therapy depends on the individual needs of the client and usually lasts for a few months.