Tarot Card readings One to One

Tarot Card readings One to One and Tarot studies and tuition

With a tarot card reading we can use the deep knowledge of the tarot to help and support you with your specific questions about Health, Love, Relationships, Family, Career and other important life areas.

I give readings to clients who need help and a new direction in life. The tarot archetypes can help you to start on a new path through your individual life journey, which is possible with your own personal associations and interpretations to the cards. You will be very actively involved in this process, because you will communicate with your higher self. Deep down you already know the answer!
The setting of the tarot reading is the following: mostly clients come with a special question about a general life area – Career, Love, Money… When the situation and question has become clear, one of us selects a card, then the Tarot reader suggests a certain fitting spread for the question (Relationship-Spread, Chakra-Spread, Tree of Life-Spread…).
Next, you choose a number of cards according to the spread. The chosen card is a snapshot of the moment and reflects the exact situation right now. The cards are like a mirror of your soul and reflect your own deep wisdom about the situation. The background to this process is the principle of synchronicity, a psychological term coined by C.G. Jung, which describes the phenomenon that we attract things from the outside at the same time and in the same way as we feel it inside ourselves.
As a Tarot-reader I can guide you through this process of interpretation and discovery without giving a “psychic reading” in the sense of saying things or making suggestions that you did not say yourself.
If you want to know more about the Tarot I also offer Tarot study and tuition.