About The Goddess

“She is the energy that is life”… (Suzanne Corbie)

Love for the Goddess is actually the love for life itself and for the acceptance of all its aspects. The Goddess with all her faces reflects the diversity of life, in which everything is about integration of all our different parts. The Goddess is the source of life and the original will and energy of the act of creation. To be drawn to this source and relate to it with regular rituals, meditations and active imagination beside other things helps to find your own individual spiritual path, form communities in Her name and to work together for a better life space for everyone. This is a way to reconnect to the genuine source, People call Goddess, become whole and integrated people, a feeling deep down so many people are longing for.

My own Goddess Path and Spiritual Guidance as a Service:

After rejecting traditional religions as a young woman, and instead moving towards love of nature and a desire to understand life on a much deeper level, through expressive dance and Jungian psychology and by working with the tarot – I finally found my way back to a spiritual path. “Human beings are religious beings, they are looking for the „numinosum“, for the secret…”, said C.G. Jung. And I also understood that an approach to life that is only rational and linear, does not lead to individuation or a process that heals us. So we have to overcome our deeply rooted mistrust in religions, even though we should always protect us from manipulation. Times have changed and now we are more mature and developed enough to look for and find the spirituality that is inside all of us. This is a holistic path that leads to greater joy and will make the world a better place again. Nature related spirituality will be essential to save the environment.

I personally have been taught, guided and initiated as a Priestess of The Goddess by my teacher Suzanne Corbie, a well known and respected High Priestess of the Goddess in the UK. You can see some of her quotes on my site. I can only be grateful to have found her as a devoted and most knowleable teacher, check her out on http://www.suzannecorbie.co.uk/

My service to you in case you want to walk this path of the feminine devine is a personal guidance on a path to a more feminine and individual spirituality, a very personal tuition with material to read, work with the Goddess tarot on different Goddess archetypes and the classic tarot cards, guided meditations and small rituals to get in contact with this beautiful and powerful inner source. The setting and price has to be discussed individually.