The Goddess Path

260367_original_R_by_Günter Goddess for me stands for the source of life and creation, which has created the immense diversity of life in all it´s forms:

“Life itself expands and emanates from the sacred feminine through our own creative manifestations. The earth itself represents the Goddess who creates, destroys and receives back into her being, only to give birth again to new life and new possibilities. This connection to create, change and connect can be found within us all…” (Suzanne Corbie).

“The path of the Goddess” is a path to a life in harmony with nature and it´s creatures and with the secret laws behind all the mundane events of everyday life with the aim of spiritual growth. Please read more under About The Goddess.

The Path and Return of the Goddess for me means a return to a more feminine and feministic spirituality, new ways, which involve courage and which need personal guidance and a supportive community. Please read more under The Path of The Goddess – the comeback of feminine and feministic spirituality.

Service: As an initiated Priestess of The Goddess (by High Priestess Suzanne Corbie) I offer spiritual guidance and community as a service, called “The Path of The Goddess”, which mainly works with inner images, Goddess archetypes, guided meditation, dreams, active imagination, shamanic practice, rituals and with personally one to one taught knowledge and wisdom plus tuition. This is a very personal journey and is completely individually adapted to the customer. Please read more under My Own Goddess Path and Spiritual Guidance as a Service in About The Goddess.

I am also offering rituals for the Celtic – European Wheel of the Year celebrations – you are invited – see under “News”!

With The Goddess of the Month I want to introduce a Goddess and her myth and personal knowledge every month – please read more about this under Goddess of the Month.

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