271717_web_R_B_by_sassi_pixelio.deI am a trained Lenormand Card reader (by Zsuzsa Szabo/A) and I am using the beautiful cards of Bruno Bieri that conveys the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Gypsies through archetypal images and symbolism. Please read more under What is the Gypsy Lenormand or Gypsy Tarot?
The 36 cards and their marvellous symbolism can be used as an oracle which can be done about every nine to ten months with the spread of the “Big Card Picture”. There are also some small spreads, which can be used for specific questions. They give you a glimpse of the future concerning lots of life issues and support you with your decisions. Please read more under Lenormand One to One Session.
By the way, it is important for me to say that I use the word “Gypsy” – for the Roma, Sinti and Lovara tribe – with full respect for these people, also because I actually have gypsy roots myself.


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