What is Regression Analysis?

What is Regression Analysis and Reincarnation Therapy?

Regression analysis can help provide understanding on psychological issues that have are deeply rooted in our past, both in this life and in possible other lives before the present one.
Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, Reincarnation Therapy explores patterns of behaviour, finding their root cause. Then it is possible to recognize their origin and find a positive way forward.
Most types of Regression Therapy believe there is a form of reincarnation connected to the individual´s development over different lives. Psychological and physical problems in life can be caused by incidents and traumas from former reincarnations or caused in the present life.
The causality of incidents and the principle of cause and effect – a principle of the western karma doctrine – are questioned but also confirmed by quantum physics – with the principle of self-similarity, which basically says that everything created or that happened in the past is going to be recreated or is going to happen in a similar way in the future. Chaos theory and quantum physics say that an impulse from the past will manifest itself in the future, even without a causal connection in the future.
Real understanding of karma needs a kind of openness to these paradoxes.
We can remember past lives when we are in a relaxed alpha phase and it is possible to see images of a special association connected to an issue or problem.
This is when Reincarnation Therapy helps the client regress back to these important flashpoints, so that in this life the client is able to learn from his/her actions in previous lives.
Going through what happened again, and by using the integration of roles as victim as well as perpetrator, not only when we had a lot of resources and successes in life, but also the opposite when there were problems and we suffered – acceptance helps us to become free of these old experiences, and can give us clarity and freedom. A very important step is to take over the responsibility for our own present and past lives, and for the challenges and guilt that still affect us.
Regression Therapy (method of Ingrid Vallieres) starts with a detailed preliminary talk with the client, so that any important questions about the regression can be answered.
This could be the so-called life task of a client in his/her present incarnation or causes of problems related to Love, Relationship, Career or Health.
Traumas often play an important role in life, because they can indicate the core issues of individual karma. Regression should also include birth and the prenatal phase.
Many reincarnation therapists say that their aim is not the truth of the clients´ fantasies, but to find the deep entanglement in the unconscious in order to free the client.
When it is possible to dissolve complex issues this has a positive effect. In this way, the idea of reincarnation can just serve as a working hypothesis


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