About me

The real purpose of my work is to facilitate change in others in order to awaken their inner wisdom using various creative methods. This can help people to realize their true life potential.
I have spent many years exploring how to use dance, drama, shamanic practice, psychology and spiritual disciplines to gain a holistic insight and as an addition to the many years of supporting others in the field of social work.
Born in 1966, I was a creative child who felt close to nature and all its wonderful creatures. I loved studying, especially languages, social sciences and politics. Another interest of mine is psychology and expressive methods like dance and art, which led to Dance Therapy and Drama Pedagogy. My interest in the human condition and sympathy for the disadvantaged led me to my real calling which is helping people. I am a Qualified Social Worker (BA Social Work 1993, MA Social Work and Social Economics 2012), trained Job Counsellor, self-employed Dance Movement Therapist and Drama Pedagogue. Over the last years I have also worked as a business consultant.
I have also worked as a Dance Movement therapist and Drama Pedagogue in various therapeutic, pedagogical and creative fields and have founded the Tanzmobil (brings dance and movement in your organisation) and the Drama Company (brings theatre in your organisation).
With my big interest in Jungian psychology, occultism, shamanic practice and spirituality and love of images, archetypes, symbols and movement I have gone deeper into the world of Tarot and the Lenormand with their spectacular symbols of individuation. Since 2013 I have also used active imagination in all Human-Energetics methods – Card Readings, Regression Therapy and Goddess Work. I studied Tarot with very well known and highly respected professional tarot teachers – Suzanne Corbie (UK) Hajo Banzhaf (D) and Gerd B.Ziegler (CH).
Knowledge of Lenormand cards was passed on to me by Zsuzsa (A), a Lovar gypsy. Ingrid Vallieres (D) trained me in Regression Therapy Training for years now. In all methods I am under current training, intervision and supervision.

I life in Dublin at the moment, but also spend some time in Vienna, so you can make appointements in both cities.