I have worked and studied with Elisabeth for over two years now and her natural insight showed itself immediately. Where other students would be content to give a reading in a few sentences, Elisabeth sought to go deeper, to the very root of a querent’s issues and from the beginning, set herself apart as a student of some depth and integrity.

Her studies, over years, in the fields of psychotherapy and shamanic work have reaped a harvest of wisdom and insight that she immediately applied to her tarot learning and very quickly became a strong guide to those who sought clarity in their lives.

Our studies together have continued into the realms of the divine feminine, seeking deeper insight and understanding into what it is to be a woman, to harness our innate strength and wisdom, our ability to listen, to understand and to creatively bring forth from ourselves an instinctive knowledge that for many years has been denied and forbidden. Elisabeth is one of a few outstanding teachers who are seeking to restore the sacred feminine wisdom known to many ancients and to reclaim it to help bring about a rebirth of awareness of the need to live in harmony with our souls.  Such a path demands great integrity, honesty and profound compassion. Elisabeth has all of these in abundance.

I have no doubt she will be immensely supportive, wise and insightful in the lives of those who are lucky enough to find her and I am honoured to have taken a small part in such a sacred path.

Suzanne Corbie (UK)

December 2014