Ethical Approaches

Ethical Approaches and Information (Human Energetics)

The work I do is based on high ethical demands on myself and on you.
Being professional means giving serious information about methods used –this includes the possibilities as well as any limits.
Human Energetics, for example, the Tarot and Lenormand card readings are methods of self-reflection and self- development, but are not supposed to heal and cure in a medical or psychotherapeutical sense. If you are suffering from serious health or mental conditions, then you have to seek help from professionals who work in these areas.
All statements and results on the path of Energetic Work are descriptions of an energetic condition, they are not diagnostics. In addition, legal and financial advice has to be judged and decided by the particular professional group like lawyers and financial advisers

Working with energetic methods demands real professionalism also in terms of approaches, self awareness, self experience, training and practice, used by the Energetic worker.
The decision to study and use these methods was because they helped my well-being and personal development. That is why I really believe in these methods, because they helped me to find new approaches and solutions to my problems up to a certain point.
Using these methods means life long learning. As a professional energetic worker I learned a lot of different methods of self-reflection; this included years of therapy to deal with my own issues,
Building on a stable foundation of self-awareness I decided to follow this alternative way of energetics and to bring in all my experience in working with other people, who are open to these approaches.

I am very grateful to have met a great number of highly professional and very serious people, who trained me, and who not only enriched my life but also prepared me well for this challenging path.
I am under constant further training, intervision with colleagues and supervison in all the methods I am offer.

Thanks to my core profession as a Social worker and Dance Movement Therapist I have a good base of knowledge, methods and a lot of practical work experience in dealing with people and know where to send people who need further help, which I cannot provide myself.

I see my clients as independent and responsible individuals, so my way of working and the setting is designed according to this. Tarot card consulting is created for my clients so they can use a lot of their own associations to the images of the cards´ archetypes and the associated life issues. Together we work on solutions, without me pretending to have simple answers to difficult life issues. The client is supported to put solutions into practice in a responsible and autonomous way.
When working together I always try to be aware of my own issues and not to project anything on to the other person.

I offer interpretations of the cards, but always add that the client should also question these interpretations. Only the things that resonate with the clients are valuable for him or her.
To avoid any dependency on my services there should always be a space of a few months between sessions. Every case is different and this is decided individually together with the client.