General Terms and Conditions

Clear rules from the beginning are important for a good service.
Appointments can be arranged by telephone and email and are then considered binding. For an appointment name, address and a phone number are required.
Agreed appointments have to be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance otherwise the entire amount has to be paid.
All sessions can be paid in cash after the session or by Paypal, in which case the payment has to be in the account 48 hours before the actual appointment time, or the payment has to be confirmed in some way. Email and Skype readings can also be paid with Paypal, and the payment rule is the same.
For Payments via paypal: You have the right after booking a reading or one to one session via email, skype, telephone to step back from the service two weeks before and will get the full paid amount back asap.
I would like to offer a very transparent price policy, that is why the fee for all services is the same: 75.-/hour.
Prices are without turnover tax because of the size of the rule for small scale businesses according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG, and there is also no value added tax (VAT) to pay.
If prices change, the price at the time of arrangement of the appointment is applicable.
As a customer you have rights, please also get informed about your rights at the chamber of commerce and the chamber of labour
You can step back from the offered services 14 days before the appointment due to e-commerce law, please read more about it under the following links;
The service of Tarot and Lenormand card readings and Regression Analysis is consumed by the client at his and her own responsibility. The client shall take full responsibility for his/her behaviour during the session.
All services offered in the area of Human Energetics are no replacement for medical clarification and treatment, and there will be no promises of healing and medical or psychotherapeutic diagnosis given.
My work helps to activate self-healing processes, but does not replace diagnosis and treatment of a trained doctor or psychotherapist.
Before we work together the client has to sign an information sheet, recommended by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, that she/he was informed of these facts.
Minors are excluded from my services, except if they come together with their parents or if they have a written agreement from the parents to use the service. Minors under sixteen are excluded from the service at all, but I am happy to do a reading or all other services for the parents.
Dance Movement Therapy can be done at all ages, also for children, in close cooperation with their parents.